How do you keep ginger root from going moldy?

@Poopypants how do you juice ginger? And if a recipe calls for grated ginger can you still use the dessicated husk of the ginger?


Shit. Just wrote a novel that exceeded 500 characters.

Buy an $80 masticating juicer on Amazon. Centrafugal juicers are not as effective in extracting the oils from the fibers.

There isn't a recipe that you can't replace grated for the masticated juicer ginger juice with.

The ginger juice can be added to water to help your stomach, and whole organic lemons juiced are super good for you.

@Poopypants Huh! I had no idea. I've been meaning to buy a juicer for a while now. Thanks for the advice.


That says it has a reverse function. Can I add a dried orange and some orange juice and get back a juicy orange?



You cheeky fuck.

No, dried oranges would just turn into organic tang powder.

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